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RESRAD and ICRP mavens?


Howdy all, I'm a recent joiner with moderate familiarity with RESRAD.

In the absence of an informal RESRAD user forum from Argonne it's hard to get answers from experts!

I am curious about how rapidly RESRAD updates its dose coefficient libraries to reflect current ICRP recommendations.  In particular, I'm finding that (for RESRAD ONSITE version 7.2) there are systematic differences between dose coefficients for inhaled PuO2 (very insoluble in water) and direct ICRP dose coefficients.  I'm using the DCFPAK 3.02 libraries. I'm finding that RESRAD doses and dose rates are smaller than what I would estimate directly from ICRP, and am speculating that some weighting of the total inhaled dust/dirt mass goes on, probably from the fraction of inhaled particles which actually make it into the lungs.

Any experts willing to exchange email info?

The most explicit documentation I can find at present is the document , published Feb 2020.  It has lots of information about the measured distributions of many RESRAD parameters.  It is the UNSAID, tacit assumptions I'm worried about.

Thanks!! --DMW

Welcome.  I haven't used RESRAD in years.


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