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Work outages then collect unemployment between jobs........How does this work?


Hey Everyone,

Ran into a couple of people (at work) that have done this in the past and was wondering how this actually works?  I'm in NY state btw.

Thank You for responding

Works the same way unemployment always works.

When you are not employed, you go to your local office and file a claim.  IF you work in more than one state, it is a multi-state claim.

Your question was very vague and open ended, so without a more specific question, that's the best answer that I can give you.  Search this site, and you will find more specific answers to more specific questions about it.

Had you searched, you would have found 'About 1,970 results'.

Thanks for posting, and welcome to

be wary of NYS Tax and Finance looking to double tax your earnings,...

it's not the credits you can get, it's the computers at NYS Tax and Finance being prone to errors,...

and the computers send the notices,...

and to talk with a person can take awhile,...


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