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I continue to receive complaints about the professional image (and glaring lack there-of) of this site.  Every year, we are pushing to make the site more professional, and eventually perhaps even profitable.  

We have started implementing rules, and discouraging the ‘really’ bad comments.  I also have started to require that people use their real email address in their user profile, and have created password-protected areas, to keep the ‘bad’ stuff away from people that do not want to see it.  We have also separated the jobs from the messages.

What I am now implementing is this: We moved all ‘non-professional’ messages to donor only areas.  People that are willing to ‘support’ the web site would still have their venue.  The average-layman would only see professional messages. It’s a win-win.

There is already a ‘donors only’ section of the site.  You can’t see it if you are not a donor. The messages in the 'Donor Only' area will not show up on the home page’s “Most recent” list.  Instead, we will 'advertise' that there is more to the site in the donor’s area, and that many of the forums have been moved there.

If you have made a purchase from NukeWorker in the past, you are eligible as well.  Simply email me your user name and ask to be added to the "$ Consumer" catagory.

The following topics will be impacted, and have been moved to the ‘Donor Only’ area:  The entire ‘Fun and Games’ Section of the web site.  Which includes: The ‘Break Room’, a general discussion area, ‘Expose Yourself’, where we get to know each other, the ‘Jokes/humor’ section.  Lastly, the ‘Bath Room Wall’ & ‘Politics and Religion’ sections, which are password protected forums for potty mouths and controversial topics, where the users have agreed to a less restrictive set of rules.

We have moved the Break Room to the ‘News and Discussions’ section, so that it continues to be access by everyone, however, it will be heavily moderated, to keep all topics ‘professional’.  People wishing to post ‘less-professional’ messages will be advised to go to the donor’s section.

HMMMMMMM! Makes my brain hurt. I agree there should be a bigger split between the 'nuclear' topic and the breakroom stuff. I hate to put barriers in it but I agree with at least making your endeavor worthwhile. I will support what ever you do. I like being able to debate, laugh, blow off steam, find lost compatriots, meet new ones, hear about other sites and industry events. Look at where most of your posts are to determine why people come and look. Run a poll on why people visit and what they think. Do what you want, it's your site. I appreciate all you have done. I even got this job because it was posted here. Can't beat that!  

Austria: it could be a bit of the ol' ya gets what ya payz for philosophy, eh?
Personally Mike, I think that's as good a way as any to seperate the 'professional' and 'non-professional' sides of the site.
I wonder though, mayhaps newcomers to the site (and hopefully there will be many more) should be 'warned' of what complete access (and their donation) gets them.  :o

I think you've done a GREAT job bringing this site along in the last couple years that I've been visiting.  :D

Rain Man:
Mike,  its your site and ultimately responsible for it.  Do as you see fit.

complainers, complainers, complainers... did any of them call the selective service?  just kidding.... sorta.
one of the best things about this site is the knowledge and opinions that are available quickly.  yep, nuke workers got warts.  nope, they don't get warts from fuel.  next question/topic please.  
how do the demographics shake out as to casual vistiors returning to the site.  do they come back mostly for 1) jobs advertised, 2)technical knowledge available, 3)"will you look at what these guys are saying about ......" 4) all of the above, 5)none of the above, there ain't one answer there worth a pot to .....
perhaps it's time to see if pepsi/coke/budweiser is willing to pay some advertising freight.
jest thoughts at random.


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