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Mike this is an interesting idea... and word put a "cleaner look on the site... and the industry from an outsiders perspective.  (which would make me oh so happy you know that.)  

Downside is exactly what Sloglo hit on... how many come... and more importantly for what reason.  Do you want to risk the traffic for a cleaner overall look.  

definitely something to ponder though... it has promise this plan of yours.

sow the seed so that the fruit may feed.

go for it mike.. ;D perhaps a thread.. just kidding.. and if u are looking for traffic.. meta tag it correctly and u will have no probs..ive designed web sites with 60,000+ hits just by changing the meta tags.. but u know that.

so do i get to do the karma dance?

I say do it, Mike. You'll never have the level of professionalism you envision for this site without some surgery. I personally would love to see more knowledge based posts, and a greater deal of industry respect for the site. I hate to say it, but with the way the site runs now, I will never put my real name anywhere on it. But making the other areas donor only, I'm not so sure of. How about removing the new posts from the home page, and having individuals who wish to access the breakroom etc login and then go? Clicking on and seeing some of these topics is just not always showing our best side. I deeply appreciate the depth of knowledge and years of experience the folks exhibit here, and understand we're all human as well.  Howsabout we run it like we do at work? Professional on the job, leave your bitching and commentary behind the scenes?


--- Quote ---do the utilities actually view this site. the utility that currently employs me view this site for entertainment purposes. who is this site for anyway? i thought it was for vendors. i find good study material here, job opportunities and good laughs.  to me this is a cyber breakroom for all road techs to share stories and thoughts. i agree that some proffessionalism is required, but damn man, this break room ball busting stuff is just how roadtechs act. hope you don't find this post offensive mike cause we really enjoy your site but this isn't a bunch of rocket scientists logging on to this site. later                                                 p.s. you still owe me and wormy $5 from a game of pool @ callaway 10 years ago.
--- End quote ---

Its business as usual, just the location of the less professional material has moved.  Everyone is invited to continue his or her discussions of religion and how many times they have fallen off a bar stool... Just do it in the appropriate place.
We are working to change the sites image for the better, not perpetuate any negative impressions.  In the same breath, we are trying to keep the free flow of ideas and joviality we have always enjoyed here.


--- Quote ---The people I work with, most think of this place like a cyber version of "Animal House."  The jobs and study sections are very good areas on this site.
--- End quote ---

That is the perception we are trying to change.


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