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I got my Pre-Access unescorted access denial 3 years ago


Hey so a quick intro -

In 2021 I was denied pre-access unescorted access to a Nuke plant due to a failed drug test (I was denied in the pre-employment phase, so didn’t have the access, I was denied before I got it).

I do not have any legal/arrest case involving drugs or alcohol my record is spotless but I believe my denied access will be on PADS( please correct me if I am wrong). I am currently clean of all drugs basically and have been in grad school since then and now.

I recently got an offer for a full-time position at a different nuke power plant. I want to find out if to state this denial in my PHQ, if someone in this position was still able to get unescorted access and what my chances are of getting unescorted access again (assuming I admit to prior use in my PHQ)?

Note: I had held unescorted access prior to my denial for an internship which was favorably terminated.

This new position is an enterprise type position so I will be working with all the nuclear plants in the company’s fleet but I know I will have to get Unescorted access at some point.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I know it is stupid to do weed when planning to be in the nuclear field and I have learned my lesson and I have had enough time to live with the consequences so PLEASE  just help me answer the question, no need to chastise.

Thanks in advance.

Been there. Takes three years to clear security clearance per NRC AND you have to take a use treatment program for addiction.

Many available. Just make sure the program is accredited.

To ask do you have to take an addiction program on your own or does the company recommend you to do one once hired? Even if you have been clean for years? I have been a away for 3 years do you think my chances of getting approved if the program has been taken is good?

Lastly is there any program you can recommend?

Your denial will be in PADS and if you fail to report it on your PHQ, you will likely be denied again for failure to disclose.

The regulation 10CFR26 is your guidance.  The minimum denial period for a first time FFd fail is 14 days per the NRC. The licensee can implement stricter standards, which may be why the other person was denied 3 years. 

If you look at your initial denial letter, it may have guidance on any requirements (treatment) you need to complete prior to reapplying. 

When you go back through the process, you will be required to have a substance abuse evaluation. The SAE will determine if your treatment is sufficient or need more.   When you do your urine test, someone will observe the urine leaving your body. If you make it through the process, you will be required to be in a follow up testing program, which means you will have more frequent drug alcohol screenings over a specific time period.


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