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I will be taking the POSS next week. I keep seeing talk about assembly, graphs and tables but that isn't apart of the  4 subjects the EEI has on their study guide. Should i be studying those as well or stick to whats on the study guide.
I will be testing at Entergy if that helps.

Took the EEI POSS on Tuesday, received results today that I passed.   Thank you all for you notes.  Only 4 sections now.  Definitely ask the person giving the test to give a 1 minute warning on the math test so you can just throw lead into the circles.  I had three of 4 columns completed so I guess on the rest at the one minute mark.

Took the POSS-C yesterday for Entergy for an AO Position.

Four Sections:
1. Figural Reasoning: 20 Questions
2. Mechanical Concepts: 44 Questions
3. Read Comprehension: 36 Questions
4. Mathematical Usage: 46 Questions (maybe it was 48, I forgot)

At least for this test, you should guess rather than leave it blank.

This is almost verbatim from the script the test administrator read, "The test is scored ONLY on the number of questions you get correct. There is NO penalty for guessing or wrong answers."

With that, I answered all questions on all sections. My advice, whenever you come across a question that you think will take you a bit of time, make a VERY quick educated guess select an answer and just move on. Come back to it later once you get to the end, that way you won't have any missing bubbles. The test administrator was NOT allowed to give us a 1-minute warning so you really had no idea when time will be up. Just get to the end then come back for the more difficult ones.

Figural Reasoning: Guessed on 3 then came back to tackle them. Worked through 1 then time was up.
Mechanical Concepts: Guessed on about 6-7 of them then came back and answered about 3 before time was up.
Reading Comprehension: Didn't guess on any. Finished with at least 5 minutes left. Definitely the easiest section IMO.
Math: Guessed on about 9 of them. Came back and answered about 6 before time was up.

I received a recommended score today (1 day after the test).

Hope that helps!

Took the POSS C recently. I passed. Link to where I originally posted:,13839.msg208730.html#msg208730

Hey guys, what do you think of this preparation material:


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