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Is there any group or membership that I could join to get group healthcare
rates? I am a new 3.1 HP and I am looking for some decent insurance at decent
rates. Bartlett insurance isn't very good for the newer people joining lately according to even the people that work at the home office (no names to protect the innocent).  Any ideas? Should we start a group? Can we start a group?  There has to be someone out there techin' who knows something about insurance.
Thanks - Jim

You'd think that Big Blue could get better rates now that they aquired Numanco or structure the program differently so you don't pay the HUGE cobra when your NOT working!
ANS(American Nuclear Society) used to offer group Health Ins..thru Nuclear News Mag.

Check the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of (whatever state you happen to live in).  I bought my own insurance through them when I lived in Arizona (BCBS of Az) and the rates and coverage were
better than what Bartlett was offering at the time for active employees.  Just do a web search for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for your state and see what rates you come up with.  It's worth a shot.

I tried it.  It is still a little expensive for what I am looking for.  I want catastrophic insurance with a deductible of 5000$.  They have it but it isn't much less than the other choices.  Maybe I need to find a company that specializes in catastrophic insurance.

Roll Tide:
Some of the insurance companies offer that as a rider on your auto or home policy.


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