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Roll Tide:
So how would "they" know if you post a big chunk without permission?

--- Quote ---A young company called Attributor says it has an answer, and a number of big publishers of copyrighted material say Attributor just might be right.

The company has developed software that identifies an electronic “fingerprint” for a particular piece of material — an article, a picture, a video. Then it hunts down any place across the Web where a significant chunk of that work has been copied, with or without permission.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The Associated Press and Reuters, each of which publishes thousands of pieces of material each day, are among the company’s clients, and a number of large magazines and newspapers have been in talks with Attributor. Executives at both wire services said they were still adapting the software to their needs and deciding how to respond to its findings, but they do not doubt it will have some long-term value.
--- End quote ---

Short clips (quotes, as they called them back in the day) are okay. Summations are okay. Links are good (and usually allows posting of a larger clip without complaint).


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