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Author Topic: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?  (Read 33093 times)

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Re: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?
« Reply #25 on: Dec 06, 2004, 01:30 »
DOE time basically counts the same as power plant time.  The distinction is not based on where you worked, but what you did.  If you were only required to count air samples as a part of your duties as a chemistry tech, that time wouldn't count at all.  But if you are a chem tech who gets transferred to RP during outages, you can count all of that time.  Likewise, if you worked in an Anti-C laundering facility and spent most of your time sorting, washing and folding, and some of your time doing routine surveys of the facility - then only the time doing surveys counts. 
You don't have to keep a log or anything.  Just figure what percentage of your time is devoted toward Health Physics and use that to determine the total time.

There are some exceptions to this, at least I've experienced and seen some exceptions when it comes to individual plant qualification criteria - some plants will give you 1 for 1 as far as counting DOE HP towards commercial time, some - not many.  Most work it this way, and remember this is just a general "rule", at least from what I have observed in trying to staff them. 
18.1 sites will generally grant 1 for 1 up to 12 total months DOE experience to count towards commercial time, that 12 mo's plus 12 mo's of commercial time will generally make a tech qualified to be an 18.1 SHP at those sites.
3.1 sites will generally grant 1 for 1 up to 24 mo's exp DOE to count towards commercial HP time, so that plus 12 mo's commercial will allow a tech to work as a 3.1 at those sites.
However I have staffed 18.1 sites that will grant up to 24 mo's DOE exp. towards commercial and 3.1 sites that will grant 36 mo's DOE exp. towards commercial.  Like wise I have staffed sites that wont count DOE time or will only take minimal time, 18.1 sites giving up to 6 mo's and 3.1 sites giving up to 12 mo's credit. 

Overall the set standard of qualifying resumes falls to the minimum of the ANSI standards, then to the Plant standards.  For example I have sites that I staff that won't consider you a "Senior" unless you have 5 years experience.  Its all case by case, plant by plant ranging from the standard ANSI quals to "stricter" quals based on the individual plants program. 

Sorry if I made it more confusing, but thats the nature of the beast.


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Re: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?
« Reply #26 on: Dec 06, 2004, 02:38 »
Actually, you just illustrated the point that a "standard" isn't much of a standard if it doesn't mean the same thing to everyone always.
Those of us who do calibrations will get my meaning.
The big problem with the ANSI standards(aside from the fact that one of them no longer officially exists and people still use it) is that it is just too stinkin' vague.

It reminds me of the old SNL bit about the guy who retired from his supervisor job at the nuke plant.  His parting advice was "You can't put too much water into a nuclear reactor."  The result was confusion in the control room.  As he stood on the beach looking up at the sky, he told a woman, "You can't look too long at a radioactive mushroom cloud."
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Re: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?
« Reply #27 on: Dec 06, 2004, 03:38 »
well I didnt read all the reply's but hear is one that will bake your noodle.

There are a lot of people thinking that there going to get a bunch of time spent at a DOE facility for HP work , going  twards being a 3.1 . If Im not mistaken I think there is a big difference between the two and I dont think they give you all that much time for it because of the differences.
 the other side is what I read a few posts ago , that in DOE world if you pass the CORE test then your an RCT. do they start them out as a jr's like we do and build up there time or is it getting thrown  right to the wolves?

I worked at a Southern burial site for over 16 years as a SHP. In 1991 came to DOE as a RadCon Inspector. After 15 weeks of core training and 3 monthes of OJT's it's go getum. It did not bother me for it was nothing new, but some were way over whelmed. Most good supervisors let them work with the experienced people for a while, but it was not required.
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Re: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?
« Reply #28 on: Jan 12, 2005, 09:34 »
I did a seach for ANCI and got the home page for a window cleaning company
I am NOT kidding!!!
talk about standards being vague.
Well at least the irony wasn't lost on me.
does any body know if we can access ANCI and review the quals via the net?
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Re: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?
« Reply #29 on: Jan 12, 2005, 11:06 »
Try ANSI.  The first thing that comes up is American National Standards Institute on Google.  That's what you'd be looking for.
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Re: ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?
« Reply #30 on: Mar 08, 2005, 11:17 »
Now here's one I can sink my teeth into:

To anyone who knows me and has discussed the issue of "training" with me when I was a Jr; I apologize (By the end of my jr. time I was a bit of a grump! :o) RAD-GHOST I feel your pain.. Honestly. This particular subject is very frustrating when you are at the point you are at now >:(. The problem, as Eric and others have so aptly described, Is that the standard is anything but Standardized! Basically, Keep plugging! Eric will make you a Senior as soon as he reasonably can (I know! He had to put up w/ me and that wasn't always easy! ;))
    As to training; Beercourt had some excellent ideas on that on another thread so I won't repeat it all here. I particularly like the training surcharge idea. Our training in this field is basically non-existent! This is something I have disliked for a very long time! At some point we must find a way to give jr's some meaningful experience beyond PCM watch! Many new Sr's fail or develop bad reputations for something that is really not their fault! I know everyone at the office and any Sr. techs are aware of this so the question is, What can be done about it?
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