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getting badged the first time


I have been an Instrument tech, AOV specialist for 33 years and would like to work during the nuclear power plant outages. But unless you have been budged in the last 365 days you cannot get in. Is there a way to at least get the background check out of the way? And what ever else would expedite the process.

Simple Country HP:
One way to get started on working outages is to call Bartlett and talk with the recruiter for the sites you want to work at. They will need your resume first.

You can download initial Security PHQ forms from the Bartlett website and send them to Bartlett when they tell you to. Be sure to keep copies of everything for yourself and take them with you when you go to a outage since you may/will need them.

Bartlett is an example since this generally applies to whatever company you work for.


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