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I am a Naval Submarine Officer that is planning on leaving the navy within a year.  I would like to get into the training pipeline for an SRO license.  Is this an easy transition to make???  I have an engineering background in college, which hopefully will help me. 

I would also like to settle in the upper midwest, what do people think about the plants in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan?

Thanks for the info.

Nuclear NASCAR:
The first thing to do is a search of the site using SRO as a criteria.  You'll probably find most of the answers you're looking for.  If you've still got questions feel free to post them and someone will have the answer.  Welcome to Nukeworker.

I'm assuming that you are a Nuke officer. In any event, the most common path to SRO is to do time as an Aux Operator (kind of like standing and engine room or AMR watch), then you can become an ACRO (Alternate Control Room Operator) and CRO/RO (Control Room Operator or Reactor Operator - different plants call them different things). CRO/RO are licenced positions, but are still Bargaining Unit Positions at Union plants. Then, after several yrs as CRO/RO, you may be selected by management for SRO. This whole process will probably take you at least 6 yrs (probably more since most plants are top heavy with CRO/RO types.
I once saw an individual who was hired at a plant as a Simulator Instructor. He got a Plant RO Cert (not the same as a licence) and then was selected by the plant for SRO. Since the plant had quite a few SRO's who were in their 40's and there wasn't a lot of upward mobility, this created a lot of animosity. He did not work out well as an SRO.
Another path may be to come in as a Shift Engineer and try to work your way in from there.
Good luck

Most utilities won't hire you in as a direct (Instant) SRO because you don't have any experience managing a real reactor. They used to make that mistake, but with the INPO Criteria for SRO selection fewer and fewer are going down that dangerous path.

Hire in the Engineering Department then cross over.


I am qualified EOOW (SRO) on two different naval reactor plants, S5W and S8G.  Does Naval qualifications carry much weight in the civilian world. 


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