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With all of the talk of new plants, and the restart of Brown's Ferry 1, why not restart the Zion plant???

Browns Ferry never gave up the Operating License. Zion did. It's easier to build a new nuke than to get the license back.

Also the plant was a lemon and the hard core union attitude just about drove it under.

The plant had a capacity fafctor of under 50 % and in 6 years or less they were going to have to replace their S/Gs


"Hard core union attitude drove it under".....that's a good one. 
  That was the big union/nmanagement issue.  The things that ruined Zion were problems on both ends, not just union sided.  Get your facts straight.  I was there.  Were you?

(Personal attacks deleted-RT)

I too worked there on three occassions, I cut my teeth in the business at that plant.  There were definitely difficulties on both sides of labor at that plant.  I think it would  be worth looking into the cost of startup vs. building a new facility, if not already studied, even though both options would be expensive.

Oops, I erred and I'm sorry. I should have been more specific. I implied the Union at ComEd was entirely at fault. It certainly wasn't the only thing thing that decided the plants fate. I know it wasn't. The Union management relations were a big factor and I know I wasn't there, but I do know one of the people who had to make the decision so I know of ALL the factors that went into it.

I did oversimplify on one of the issues and I apologize.



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