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So what's the latest with the Zion decommissioning?  Is there still fuel on-site?

In my earlier question regarding the fuel at Zion, I was considering that it may have been sent to another Excelon site.  I realize shipping spent fuel isn't exactly a common site these days, but it was a possibility.
Now had it been sent to another site I would have been interested in any information that could have been provided for that.  Just curiosity, nothing dark.

I have never shipped spent fuel.  Some highly irradiated objects, but never fuel.   50

No fuel, but unloaded lots of CRB, up to 250K R/hr,  at Chem Nuke from 74 to 91, and these were all above ground unloads. Me 54

Well it looks like Big Blue is staffing RP techs for Zion.  Only $27.50 and $110.00 PD for the Chicago suburbs.  Handford today $36 and change and $80.00 a day with much lower cost of living.  I am sure that a laborer out of Chicago's Union hall is way over $27.50.  What an insult.  Good Luck with that Big Blue.

I agree with you that Tech, I don't think Big Blue will have much luck with that at all. If thats a true statement.


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