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The rate ranges from $123 a day to $173 a day based on time of year and $71. a day for meals and incidentals.  That is $194 to $244 a day.  Maybe you do not eat like the rest of us.  

The job posted on your site with Bartlett is stating a time period of 6-8 months, not 1 year+, so yes you do qualify for per diem if you play by the rules and have duplicate expenses.

The point, again, was local laborers making 35+/hr, and Sr. Techs making 5+/hr less. The local techs that don't qualify for per diem should be raising a fuss (IMHO).

It is the Bartlett post from yesterday for Senior techs.  Recruiter does not say where but is you contact her it is Zion.  I know some folks with Energy solutions are already there.  I worked all 3 New England  decommissionings and staffing fluctuates with projects, the release of funds and of course weather. They hire then they lay off and hire again... over and over.  There will be some folks stay the whole project but definitely not all.  All three CY,MY and YR took your perdiem at around 11 months.  They did not even offer to tax it like DOE does,  most people did get a higher hourly rate at that time.

Fluffy is only second to you Henry :) ;) 8)

Speaking of dollar signs... there are many gainfully-employed workers here at the Zion site.  Currently the wall of U-2 ctmt has a large doorway cut into it, and RCS piping is being cut up.  Looks like re-start is not in the cards.

BTW travelers, if you're frightened by Waukegan or Zion, check out much-classier Winthrop Harbor.


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