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Rad Sponge:
If you don't know me by now, I'm a 9 year Sub LELT type on the way out soon.

I just had my third interview since starting this transition process and will be accepting a job as a Health Physicist...

Just a second ago, as I was fumbling around the house and thinking about nothing in particular, a new sensation washed over me and I felt compeled to share this.

I am being treated like a professional for the first time in my life. Not to discount my Naval service, but I have never felt like a recognized professional in quite the same way.

When I was dressing for my third interview (in my new tailored suit), I did not recognize the person in the mirror. Wasn't there supposed to be coveralls or dungarees in the reflection? Who was this person? It just didn't seem natural.

During the site visit I met and conversed with people far more educated than me, but I was interviewing to be a peer, not a subordinant, and was treated as such. When still a sea-going nuke there was always this limiting device out there, somewhat veiled, but tangible enough to keep me in my place.

Those of you that have made the transition, have you felt this before?

Yeah, but you'll get over it soon...

Find a nice place in the corner of the closet for the suit, and don't throw away the coveralls.  :)

Rad Sponge:
I hear you. I do get to wear a shirt and tie everyday.

My coveralls: They will be offered up to the gods along with my utilities during a mid-night fire ceremony. I'm keeping my dress uniforms for sentimental reasons, but the funky boat clothes will be returned to the earth.

Hey what kind of position are you getting? Tech or physicist?

Good luck. You'll enjoy your time in the commercial industry, and believe it or not you'll miss your Navy buds a LOT.

My three best friends are guys I met in the Navy. We've visited each other many times a year over the past 15 years.

And believe it or not, in 10 years or so you'll get nostalgic about the Navy, especially if you have a little girl like mine who is curious about the Navy and what you did while you were in it.


Rad Sponge:
Tech or physicist.

The official position title is Health Physicist , but I am sure I'll be getting "dirty" as I learn the ropes of a new industry. I expect that. Baby steps Daniel-san.

Nostalgia: What's ironic is that my best bud since boot camp is living about 100 miles away. We went our separate ways after Protoype: Him fast attack, and me boomer (guess who is more bitter?).  He is now an Ops manager for a university reactor and surrounded by Navy nukes. When I visited his work, I met a guy from our NPS class, small world.

I may be a closet idealist, but I have enough realism to prepare me for a future of ups and downs-as to be expected.

But I am gladly trading in my trash-can nucleonics stool for a desk.


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