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Ok...What's Up at Sandia?

Bartlett was recently awarded the decon contract (I don't know what other areas the contract covers). I don't know what they're paying or what they have coming up. Best bet, call the office and talk to Marie or Anne.

I have been at Sandia now since May 2, 2005 still winding up qualifications I have oral boards next week.  I am here with Enercon they are one of eight contractors who have contracts for facility support (House/Contractor).  Bartlett has a six month contract that does require a Q clearence there is only one tech on site for Bartlett at this time.  Sandia needs many technicians but not under the short contracts they need people to come here and stay, someone could retire here if they chose to, in fact there are a few techs here that have been here for 12 years.  I have been a long time Bartlett tech but at the time I spoke with Anne my clearence was inactive so she said I had to have an active Q.  This place is great if you want exposure to the military's nuclear weapons program and research.  DOE is a different animal from commercial and these jobs last.

Last Call:
Alexio you are obviously still in training!  First impressions are usually good ones, new job, new area, lots of new things!  After you’re qualified it's a whole different game.  It will be interesting to see your opinion after a few months in the field!  Remember you are filling the vacancy created by the EXIT of another Technician.  Moving up, or moving out is the priority for most Techs at Sandia!  Some members believe the field Technician staff, to number in the hundreds.  The actual number is closer to 50, Total!  If you wish to draw the proper perspective of what the place is like, (fact based), check out the turnover rate, it's very impressive!  Sort of tells you why they have multiple companies trying to staff and they still aren't successful!  If you ask why the other Techs bailed, the canned excuse offered is, " The area just didn't agree with them "!  The actual answer will become evident to you in a very short time period!  By the way, those people standing outside the base are actually homeless people, not Techs waiting for a job!     

A twelve year tech at Sandia?  True, their may be a couple, but a Sandia Tech of twelve years, will still be a Tech in twelve more!  Advancement opportunities beyond Lead Technicain, are none existent!  The primary method for advancement, is to leave the career field and the department!  You are also correct on your assumption that they need people to stay, but the present attitude towards Technicians, from the  Dysfunctional, Anti Quated management team, has produced the current situation, which appears to be getting worst! 

High Tech Stuff?  Exposure to the Military Nuclear Weapons Program?  Actually I have more exposure from where I'm sitting today, 1000 miles away!  While at Sandia, most of the information shared on these venue's, were displayed in the local news paper!  Only a hand full of techs, we're actually exposed to a very small facet of the programs and on rare occasions!  Maybe you will be one of the luck one's!  If your expectations exceed anything other than the “Basic Junior RCT Stuff ", you better not unpack! 

The Janitor Joke!  Unless you have been to Sandia, you really won’t know the joke surrounding the RCT's vs. Janitors.  Apparently a past program manager, (top dog), publicly announced that RCT's we're considered equivalent to a Janitors, entry level positions!  Obviously this Bozo had no idea what Techs did for a living.  Even Sandia requires three years experience to perform the duties.  I guess he just assumed we sat on a shelf somewhere, aging like a fine wine!  The Janitor concept has not gone away!  The Rad Protection management types, have not allowed it to die!  In fact, it is promoted and you will hear it time and time again!  If you didn't hear the joke, within the first five days on site, that would be a first! 

Actually, Sandia pretty much summed up the value they place on new addition to their program!

Relocation Reimbursement....ZERO!
Travel Reimbursement....ZERO!
Not One Thin Red Cent! 

Other things to considerin the Sandia Area:

Taxes:  YES, State, Local and Sales!  Recently they dropped the Sales Tax on food, BUT Increased everything else!



Climate:  Desert, Desert......More Desert!

Favorite Area Past Time:  Like it's a Surprise, Creating Hot Air!

Career Advancement Opportunities:  Los Alamos, heard their hiring a bunch!

In any case, good luck to all who venture on this Quest!

I don't believe LC was capping people like you and me who've tried the upward mobility thing and found out we didn't like it. I think he was going after Sandia because there is no option for moving up in the RC/HP program there.


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