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i haven't workedin the business for over 10 years.would it be hard getting back in?

Already Gone:
Let's play a game.  Email your resume to Bartlett and see how long it takes to get a phone call.  I want to put $20 on 15 minutes or less.

When I was at Fermi a buddy of mine, who had been out of the buz since 1988 came to Michigan to work for me. This would have been in late 2003. He said the classwork was harder to concentrate on, and qualifying was easier at 20 years old than at 42, but in the long run he was very glad he did it.

About the classwork thing, I'm 44, I changed utilities early this year and I will say, classroom is for the young. Right now, my SRO Class is stopped until August so we can ensure our training material is ready to go and to tell you the truth it's been a nice break. I've been helping in Self Assessments and the like and I feel less tired than I did a month ago. On the other hand, a month ago I was taking GFE Topics, something I did in 1992, so a lot of it was review, also having had a license befiore I knew GFE training is a basis and not something you use in depth.

When I start learning systems and plant procedures and stuff like that at least the material will be new to me. Still it is a fact it's tougher to concentrate in class when one is older. Luckily I already know what it takes to get a license.


I emailed Bartlett my resume in late February....nothing yet. Not even the random phone calls I used to get regularly during my 5 year stint as a house tech. Hmm...maybe they aren't hurting as bad as they say. Maybe its just me they don't want. Who knows?

Ummm... perhaps its summer and there are no outages going on?


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