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How do I upload my Resume?

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1: From the NukeWorker home page, click on the “Post resume” link.
2: Login in, using your email address and password.
     (Note: The job board has a unique registration, and does not share login information with the message board).
3: Scroll down to part that says “Upload Resume”.
4: Click on the [Browse] button.
5: Locate your resume file on your computer.  It can be a MS Word (.doc), Acrobat (.pdf), Rich Text (.rtf), or plain text (.txt) file that is smaller than 1 MB in file size.
6: Click on the [Open] button in your computers dialog box. (See picture attached below)
     (Note: Make sure all required fields (with a ) are filled in.
7: Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on the [Save] button.


•   There are now “view file” and “delete file” links/options next to the [browse] button.
•   Click on the “view file” link, and verify that it is the new file.
        (Note: Sometimes pressing [ctrl]+[f5] helps your computer refresh better.)
•   If it is not the new file, click on “delete file” link, and re-upload a new file.

     Note:  When you upload a resume, it is only a file attached to your profile. You will still need to fill in the searchable fields yourself.  This only updates the attached file (MS Word, etc) and does not change the text that you paste in the text box's (i.e. "Your Resume", "Qualifications/Skills", "Work Experience", "Education/Certification/Membership"), you will need to do that manually.  Only the text box's are keyword searchable, the attached Word document is not searchable by employers.  So it is recommended that you do both.

Click on this thumbnail: to see what the upload portion looks like.

old raddog:
NOW i have done everything as well on my laptop, i hit browse, it locatesmy resume but thats it, all boxes are checked, i hit verify it opens and all is good. No button to click that says done to start the up l;oad. can u help


--- Quote from: Rennhack on Jun 27, 2005, 12:02 ---
7: Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on the [Save] button.

--- End quote ---

old raddog:
tried that a few times did not work i cut and pasted and it seem to work.

The resume is attached as a file.  It is not imported into the boxes.  To have the text searchable, you have to paste the information into the boxes as you have done.


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