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Hints for using Fallen:


Similar to Looking For: are the following suggestions...

1. Please do NOT start a topic with "Fallen" The topic already did that for you, it is redundant. Some poor moderator has to spend time going in and removing that bit of visual clutter.

2. Please spell the person's name correctly.

3. Please do NOT list specific personal information about the deceased, yourself, their family or significant other for the world to view. Simply put, if a psycho ex or evildoer could find or harm anyone based on your post, it will get moved or deleted.

4. Keeping #3 in mind, it is a great idea to ask those with info regarding your topic person to IM you or email you directly. Again, before distributing personal info, consider #3.

5. If you have any questions regarding the use of this Forum, msg one of the moderators. Please ensure the deceased had some involvement with the nuclear industry.

6. For those replying, respect the dignity of the deceased and others listed in #3.

7. Hyperlinks to an obit or news story are a great idea. However, if the link violates #3, it is deleted.

DO NOT post messages for NON-NukeWorkers.  This is for remembering NukeWorkers only.  No Sports stars, no political figures.


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