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Rad Sponge:
So here I am getting out soon and I have a decision to make.

Behind Door Number 1 is a job as an HP in the private sector with a starting salary of approx 60K/year plus the usual corporate benefits, TA, etc. Full relocation. Lower cost of living.

Behind Door Number 2 is a federal nuke job starting at around 45K/year plus the usual benefits that go with federal employment. Full relocation. Based on the phone interview I should reach 60K after I am fully qualified (1 year or so). Higher cost of living. The job maxes out in terms of government pay scale limitations at about 100K (10-15 years down the road).
At first you may say, "dude. take the higher $$" BUT

In the federal job my 9.5 Navy years counts towards my pension. Both jobs look like long term career oppurtunities.

I am leaning toward Door Number 1, but I need some guidance on how valuable those Navy years will become if I take them all the way towards 20 plus years of government service.

R/ Sponge

This is a good situation to be in.  I don't have much info about you but here's a go anyway.

I like the fact your Navy time will count towards your pension with the new job.  The drawback is working toward the 20 years with the government and the possibility of budget cuts that will force you to change jobs before the 20 years.

Other side of the fence, corporate "right-sizing" could cost you your job in the private sector too.  In the private sector you're starting on the ground floor.  That's throwing away 9.5 years of your working life.

If it were me, I'd bank the 9.5 add to that the 10.5 to get 20.  Really it won't seem like a long time to get 10 years in.  Then go to the private sector and double dip for a while in your new job.  I'll assume you'd still be pretty young after the 20 years.  After double dipping a few years maybe ten or so retire early live an adventurous life.  

Even if you'd be a bit older after the 20 years (late 50s rather than late 40s) you would definitely need to go for the pension.  Let's face it pensions will be a thing of the past soon.

Hope my ramblings are easy to understand and provide some help.  Good luck.  

Rad Sponge:
I will be 42 at my 20.

The biggest thing is predicting the job market. The civilian job is as an HP covering the production of nuclear medicine. I've been formally offered this position.

The gov job would be operating a research reactor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I haven't been offered the job yet, but I am being flown up soon.

I, Like you, didn't have a Door Number 3, another 10.5 years in the Navy.

It seems the money would help decide #1 and retirement would help decide #2.  So I would have to ask, which job would you rather perform?  HP or Operate a Research Reactor?

Have you verified for sure your time in the Navy counts for your pension in the Federal Job? That's something that is drying up VERY quickly!



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