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PWR Auxiliary Operator vs BWR Auxiliary Operator

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Does the type of reactor make a difference with where one would choose to work?  I need to choose pretty quick.

What other factors would you say help in making a decision?
-Starting pay...

Thanks for any and all help provided.

i've done HP work at B's and P's.......I like B's better because everything is 'dirty' surprises.
I was an operator at a was good.
For advice, I'd say select a job the same way you would select property.....location, location, location.
As far as I can tell, everybody pays well enough and has good benes, so pick the place you most want to live.
now can ya feel the love?

 ;) :P

I feel some love now.  Thanks!

Both opportunities are great.  One does offer a nice location too.

Check your PM box also.

Thank you

I think I told you what I thought via email.

One thing I considered when I changed jobs was location. I really wanted to live in the Southeast but not in Florida or the Deep South. (Mostly I wanted a good central location). I ended up getting far better than I had even hoped for. To me location was a lot, then cost of living and taxes next.


I've only worked at a commercial BWR, but I imagine the work is just about the same at either plant as an Non Licensed Operator.


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