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Could someone please give me a very detailed description of the hierarchy within a civilian nuke plant?
Where do all the different operators, engineers, managers, etc. fit.

Also, what experience levels are required for each level (like how long to be a RO or SRO)?

Since I have no experience in a power plant, I really need some help so I won't look stupid at my interview.

Thanks in advance.

All of the disciplines you are asking about are seperated at our power plant.  I am in Operations. Ours goes like this.  Ops Director, 3 Unit Department Leaders, Site Shift Manager, Shift Manager, Control Room Supervisor, Senior Reactor Operator, Reactor Operator, and Non-Licensed Operator.   The other departments have a similar chain.  They all report to the site Nuclear Plant Manager.  We have an VP of Engineering, looking for VP Operations, and the report to Sr. VP Nuclear.  He reports to President downtown.  Key thing is they all have input into the plants day to day ops.  The guys in the control have the ultimate responsibility because they are the ones with their name on the License.  Hope this helps.

Experience levels depend.  IP2 is trying to make AOs out of Hatian Police Chiefs (diversity).  I know some guys have come in and immediately been put into SRO class with no commercial nuclear power exp, but I think they usually had Navy exp.  I don't think they would put a college guy right into class, but they might.  If you aren't trying to go after top dollar, AO is a great place to start because you will really know what you are doing when you finally get to the control room.  I've heard many SROs and Shift Managers that I trust say that.  You can tell who the guys are in the CR who used to be AOs.  They are usually better. 

Ops controls everything.  If an engineer or a chem tech etc. wants to do anything that will affect any plant system it has to go thru ops.  The shift manager is the head guy when dayshift people aren't around.  He calls the shots and the health and safety of the public is in his hands day to day.  Ops is like a CPU in a computer.  The SM can tell the Maintenance Manager no.  He can tell anybody no.

ShiftManager - ControlRoomSup (he is qualified SRO also) - SRO - RO - AO

Cool, both replies taught me a bit. I wasn't sure where it went after AO-> RO -> SRO     I'm starting out at VY soon as an AO1, can't wait. Sounds like OPS is where I want to be, and will go where I want also!

At my plant:

A.O. 0 - 1.5 years
Waste Control Op - Still NLO 1.5 - 2 years
RO approx. 4 years
SRO - depends, this is where you cross from bargaining to mgmt. so it's not based strictly on seniority
Shift Mgr./Shift Engineer - ???

We had a meeting recently where the ops manager stated the plan for future RO/SRO classes.  I just happend to hire into the right plant at the right time and there should be a lot of people retiring in the next few years and a CRS said as long as I don't fall behind I should go to RO class in 22 months.  It's an 18 month class so if everything progresses good, I could be an RO in 40 months which, historically speaking, is very fast for my plant.  I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now.


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