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--- Quote from: HomersTwin on Oct 25, 2008, 01:44 ---At my plant:

A.O. 0 - 1.5 years
Waste Control Op - Still NLO 1.5 - 2 years
RO approx. 4 years
SRO - depends, this is where you cross from bargaining to mgmt. so it's not based strictly on seniority
Shift Mgr./Shift Engineer - ???

We had a meeting recently where the ops manager stated the plan for future RO/SRO classes.  I just happend to hire into the right plant at the right time and there should be a lot of people retiring in the next few years and a CRS said as long as I don't fall behind I should go to RO class in 22 months.  It's an 18 month class so if everything progresses good, I could be an RO in 40 months which, historically speaking, is very fast for my plant.  I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now.

--- End quote ---

My suggestion is don't rush the RO position.  Get to know your plant personnally as an AO prior to going RO.  This will make you a much better RO if you know your plant and the AO job well.  Try to position yourself to be around on all the major testing that goes on in your plant especially start up and shut down in the plant, this will be very valuable information for a RO to know what to expect from the AO's in the field.


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