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Anyone out there have a good link to a salary calculator.  I am up for a yearly review, and as I understand from many co-workers, especially those in my cell, that though they feel they are worth more the company cannot directly correlate their postion to an existing position in the industry.  This is a small company that asks alot from a few, which has its ups and downs to it. 
Background:  I work at an instumentation company that uses radioactive sources to make density, level, and wieght measurements.  Alot of my work focuses on surveys, meter calibrations, recieving and shipping RAM, prep work for disposals, field work with instrumentation(calibrating an instruments signal to a customer's PLC or DCS), maintaining RAM inventory, I also teach a rad safety and licensing class every 6 weeks.............As you might see I am qualified to do alot, but to clarify I work directly with the RSO.  I found one engineering salary calculator and when I entered the required variables and geographic location I got a number that my company may just laugh at.  I have almost six years of experience in the Nuke field and am considering whether to move on or find out I am on par given these variables.

Already Gone:
What's so funny about paying you what you're worth?  Your job description sounds like a Senior Health Physics Tech.  Not counting benefits, you should be looking at hourly rates upwards of $30.  If you're working year round, your annual should be between $70k and $100k depending on the amount of OT and geographical factors.  In Florida or Southern California, the numbers would be about two thirds of what you should expect in Illinois.  It all depends on labor costs in your part of the country.  New Jersey would be about the same as Illinois depending on your distance from NYC.  If you're in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, or Tennessee, expect about $25 - 29 per hour.  Unionized techs make boatloads more money than non-union, and house techs make about twice the rate of contractors plus better bennies.

try this site

Rad Sponge:
Here is a comparison....

I just took a job as an HP with no experience other than nuke navy with a base of 60K plus a host of benes.

The job is in Missouri which has a pretty low cost of living statewide.

You can also access the American Health Physicist Association and download their annual salary report.

R. Sponge

Rad Sponge:
Note to previous:

This is based on being a CHP: board certified health physicist so if you are not adjust the numbers, but eventhough I am not board certified, my HP salary was in line with what a CHP with a non-HP degree with my experience would make.

But watch out, 5 years from now when I do get CHP'd, its on. $$$


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