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Already Gone:
Let's stop the union vs. non-union debate right now.  I have to qualify my earlier statement.  Any monetary advantage to being unionized depends strongly on the strength of the unions in your area.  A union tech in the deep south is not going to be raking in the kind of dough that they are getting in Illinois or New Jersey.  It is also not helpful to compare two plants in the same company that are as far apart as Calvert Cliffs and Nine Mile Point.  There is absolutely no comparison between them.  The cost of living in Syracuse, NY is only about 64% of what it costs to live in Annapolis, MD.
But, unless people are willing to post the actual pay rates here, it is pointless to compare anyway.  This could go on forever and prove nothing.
Let me just amend my earlier statement to read that house techs in strongly unionized regions make a lot more money than their counterparts in areas with no union influence.  It also can be said that they have a higher cost of living and higher local and state taxes too, but that is not what the question asked.

Mike McFarlin:
Pretty neat gadget, this salary calculator. It ciphers better than I do.


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