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NukeWorker Menu Preperations for shipping Old RV Heads. Encapsulant Problems....HMMMM??

Author Topic: Preperations for shipping Old RV Heads. Encapsulant Problems....HMMMM??  (Read 5941 times)

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Recently Point Beach was preparing the Old Unit 2 RV Head for shipment to it's final resting place in Utah.

During ongoing work to prepare the RV Head for shipping the lifting A Frames needed to be removed from the RV Head. These are connected to Lifting pins that are fastened through the RV Head Flange Stud holes.

Now, keep in mind that the entire RV Head Flange and some verticles of the head are encapsulated during stripping activities while this thing was in Containment. PBNP used the Bartlett pink encapsulant supplied by Duratech.

When the pins were removed from the stud holes some of this encapsulant also came out of the stud holes adhered to the pins and loose on the ground. This encapsulant did just what it was suppose to and caused some loose/fixed contamination in a "undesirable" location.

Has anyone in the industry had any problems like this while doing shipping preps for Old RV Heads being sent to the junk yard?

Has anyone done this without problems meaning that maybe we should be using a different kind of encapsulant?
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We got it. It's placed. No problems! Send check!
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Oconee successfully used shrink wrap for the RPV head encapsulate, I think the company is called Buffalo shrink wrap.


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