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I was wondering if Barnwell's upcoming closure, in 08 I believe, is having an effect on any of you folks out there.  We dispose of Rad Waste as Class B and C waste to SC and because we belong to NO compacts our disposal path is going to become limited.....that should read gone.  I keep hearing of a new site in TX that will take B and C waste but I have not seen or heard anything in regards to its availabillity.  Wiill the TX site require membership in a compact??  Does anyone have any contact info with these folks?

I would really like to set up some contacts or references on this.  Our company is really limited on fact it was proposed to move our disposal business to SC so as to establish a presence within a compact state.  I wouldnt mind that especially if would consider Myrtle Beach and 4 day work weeks so as to partake on all the golf and such. ;D ;D ;D

barnwell has been going to close for years.  things will change- like when the compacts fell apart. work smarter-generate less...

We (Envirocare Utah) gave up on B&C. I don't know quite where Texas stands but most likely years away and B&C further unless they jump now. I hope Barnwell closes to all waste except B&C and we'll take all the A.

The site in Texas you are talking about is called,,Waste Control Specialist, it is located in extreme west Andrews,Texas....I was there in 99'...along with Steve and Lydia Jacobs..Jake was the HP manager for a time but has since moved on........WCS handles Mixed waste,,or did in 99,,and had applied for a B & C license,,,,they have a website,,,Envirocare bought land across from WCS in Andrews, but failed to research the land as far as permeability,,and therefore they were burying household waste at the Envirocare, Texas site,,,,,

Form what I hear, Barnwell only will take A waste in the future and get out of the B an C business all together.  Alot of the business minded folks here at our company see this as foolish.....i.e. Why give up a source of revenue especialy when there is no alternative?  But to me and my colleagues it is more and more a reality.  My only hope is that when 08 comes along that an alternative has arrived with it.  Because I know that our disposal business wont stop, we'll probably end up stockpiling which the thought of makes me cringe.  Well let me get off my whining box..........



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