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Old Dominion vs. TESC vs. Excelsior

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I got an associates from Excelsior when it was still Regents college.  They work with all the miltary schools and take a host of independent and testing credits.  The one thing I didn't like was the annual fee if you are not ready to graduate.  That came at a time when we really didn't have the money to spare.  My associates got me into school at another university and most of the credits did transfer.  They have a lot of resources and if you are the type of person who can do independent study classes or over the internet or study and take tests, then it's a good deal.  How long it takes to finish depends on how motivated you are.  I took several CLEP and DANTES exams, as well and my Nuke school credits.  I don't know if it's still true but when I was in the military, you could take independant study courses from accredited colleges and if you passed you got 90% back.  You should go talk to your Education Officer.  Regents/Excelsior has been catering to the military for a long time.  I got my degree in the late 80's and I knew guys who were going through them in the early 80's.
     I earned the BS degree at Edison using the credit granted for the NRRPT after being a NY Regents (now Excelsior) student. Courses required by Regents (nuclear materials, plant systems overview and reactor core fundamentals) required attendance. Edison requirements did not.
     Challenge exams with Edison fulfilled the electives requirements. I used traditional correspondence courses by mail to satisfy the calculus requirements.


Howdy, I've read up on the TESC and Excelsior courses and have just perused the one at ODU.  I was wondering if anybody else has heard of this program?  I'm not really sure if it renders you with a Mechanical Engineering Technologies degree with Nuclear emphasis or if it's a Nuclear Tech degree like TESC?

Any help would be appreciated.


How are the technician programs offered by T Edison and other junior colleges doing these days?

I see that excelsior recently got a ABET accredited nuclear engineering program.  Does anyone have any information on what type of job that degree would qualify you for?


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