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Old Dominion vs. TESC vs. Excelsior

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kingdom dweller:
Hello All and Merry Christmas!

I just graduated from Excelsior with the BST with a specialty in Nuclear. My experience dealing with Excelsior was good. I have a AAS in Rad protection, have the NRRPT and completed an Initial RP training program with a commercial nuke plant. All of these pieces added up as I enrolled at Excelsior. I only needed 8 courses to complete this degree. I used CLEP and Dantes to complete most of these requirements. Took 6 months to knock this out.

This is a good route in order to get a BS using previous training.

Congrats on completing your degree ! Its quite an accomplishment :) Now get to work on that Masters ! LOLOL just kidding..seriously , Congrats ! What a great Christmas present to yourself   :) :) :)

Bringing back to life an old thread here... but, time has passed, so it may be worth revisiting.

I'm an ex navy nuke submarines ET, and I've been going to community college for a few years ready to graduate with an associates (I'm pursuing business administration).  I've realized as of late that I probably have all kinds of prerequisites done for the Nuclear Engineering Technologies degree either at Thomas Edison or Excelsior.

Both TESC and Excelsior now have ABET accredited programs.  Looking at their websites, they look like they provide basically the same thing.

What are the comparative differences between the two, today?

Thanks guys.

KBNCO Director:
As a person who works with Sailors every day in IDing what will work best for them, I would recommend you go to two places...

1st - Begin talking with and researching the companies you'd like to work for. Ask them what they consider acceptable. To learn how to play basketball, you can talk to a Nike shoe salesman, or talk with Michael Jordan.

2nd - Use the ABET website to ID what schools have ABET accredited degrees.
While I'm not a "Nuke" I have been told by many in the field that ABET is one of the more sought after specialized accreditation.  You'll see that TESC ABET degree is "energy engineering technology". You'll have to put the two schools degree's classes and requirements side by side to see the real difference.

You have many options and I see you are pursuing an associate level degree. Thats good to get your basics taken care of but make you you are looking forward then planning backward so as much or all of your classes will be accepted later.

Don't forget to your Navy College Office to learn about the many options and programs that may help you reach your educational goals.



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