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SROs : typically paid as hourly or salaried?

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... and same question for the STA position (where they are utilized).


Usually Salary Non-Exempt.

Already Gone:
SRO's who are working as operators are usually hourly with the possible exception of the Shift Manager/Shift Supervisor/Shift Superintendent...etc.  The STA is usually salaried.  The terms Salaried and Non-Exempt are mutually exclusive terms, while Salaried and Exempt mean essentially the same thing.

If the plant operators are unionized, the operators who are part of the bargaining unit are almost always hourly regardless of what license they hold.  It depends more on what their actual job function is.  An SRO who works in the Control Room would be hourly, but an SRO who works in training may be salaried.

Your question has a big hole in it where you use the word "typically".  There is nothing typical among nuke plants.  Every one of them thinks they invented everything after the rock - so they all tend to look at things their own way.  I have actually seen different pay and work rules between two units on the same site.  (Anyone who thinks I am referring to Salem/Hope Creek may be right, but I could be talking about Nine Mile Point 1 & 2).

I've seen it both ways also.  It is hard to ask your SROs to work 60-70 hours a week during the outages and just pay them a salary.  Bonus plans would have to be installed, but what if SROs weren't part of management at a certain plant?  Then they would need to be payed hourly.  It depends on alot of things.  You have to find out plant by plant.

Thanks for the replies - this is the stuff they don't teach us in school....

How then is salary non-exempt and hourly structurly different?


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