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Japan's Atomic Bomb

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   The History channel has aired a program named "Japan's Atomic Bomb". It is debatable as to how close they were to making this a reality but the effort to achieve it was real. The links below provide information on the Japanese nuclear program, the Wikipedia site includes a discussion on the validity of the potential for a submarine attack on an American harbor, just click the discussion tab.

I could not find a date for a future airing but the DVD is for sale (of course).

Watched it last night! very interesting and educational. would recommend to interested parties.

...and being the helpful nation we are, we gave them 2 of ours. Hey, they earned them.

Halflifer do you have one of those T-shirts that say "Made in America....Tested in Japan"?  :)

..gee, i sure don't. the test was done in New Mexico, wasn't it?
i thought the ones in Japan were the real deals. a lot of people have wrung their hands and bemoaned the fact that we used those awful devices on those poor beaten people, but let's not forget who started it and what the official Japanese policy on war, surrender and mercy were.


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