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Japan's Atomic Bomb

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I am sure all those soldiers and saliors on wake island ,philipphines in bataan and corrigidor,and pearl harbor that were killed or tortured are crying boo hoo for the poor japs that got nuked.
The jap army were animals not humans and they deserved it 10 fold more.
It may have save more than 100,000 of our soldiers lives by not envading japan in operation olympic.

Hey Radbastard, whats up? I was watching the military channel, and they were saying that fat man, little boy saved the lives of as least 1,000,000 Americans. That’s the number casualties that were predicted if they had to invade the Japanese homeland. Either way we saved a lot of lives by dropping the big ones!!

As a history buff and pro nukie... I have torn feelings about the use of nuclear weapons.  I slept with them while in the navy, and support their use ads a deterrent.  But the use of these devices were a necessary evil.  While I believe that they saved lives, they also moved the human animal into a new age of destruction.

why can't we all just get along??????? ::) 

I been thinking it's about time to test another one in the MiddleEast!?!?

Went by the site where little boy was designed yesterday. you never know that was where it happened. last week i stood where the "gadget" was assembled.


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