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Here is some instrument history in the links below.

Origins of survey meters (Click on the info buttons for history of early meters and the Nicknames used)

Paint can scintilation detector

Civil Defense Museum

GM Instruments


Ion chambers

Military instruments


Personal Monitors (check out the Nuke Buster)

Proportional counters

I remember using a "RADGUN" at BVPS in approx 1975 or 1976.   I always wondered about the tech who would be foolish enough to actually use the scale that went to 10,000R /hr on a hand held instrument!!

displacednuke..... da only problem with the 10kr/hr scale was when it moved offa zero, iffen i 'member rite.

i'm putting this post in this topic as i ain't if there's a better topic fer it 'n i ain't sure iffen it is worthy of a whole topic.  ennybuddy got a bettor place, put it there.

American Heritage of Invention and Technology; Fall 2006/Volume 22/ Number 2; Letters; Cute Atomic Physics by John D. Fogarty, Sandy Spring, MD writes in regard to the How to Detect an Atomic Bomb (Spring 2006) that the cutie Pie’s name is derived from “The physics formula relating to its operation contains the factors q, t, and (pi , get the character here), where q is chare, t is of course time, and (pi) is 3.14159….  Pronouncing this combination suggested the term of affection.”

The editors reply:  Perhaps, but Paul W. Frame, a health physicist and historian at Oak Ridge Associated Universities, has looked into this explanation and considers it “a bit fanciful and overly convoluted.”  In a paper available online, Frame quotes a September 1945 report by C. O. Ballou of Clinton Laboratories, where the Cutie Pie was invented, that says: “The instrument has been named ‘Cutie “Pie’ due to its diminutive size.”


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