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no credential, no experience...wanting to get into the utility industry

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Hello, I am now registered both with my community college and Excelsior College for a LARGE number of Nuke classes this semester.  I don't want to make the same mistake by ending up with a degree with 0 experience.  The associates degree program does have a 12 week paid internship with 2 credits.  Here's my question: besides the internship if you were in my shoes...what else would you do to get experience? 

Work at a commercial power plant outage.

And chat up the seniors.

go down to the local hospital 'n axe to work in the nuclear medicine program

Do what I did.

Send a friendly letter to all 64 sites asking for advice on how to get in.  DONT send a resume.  Just give a brief description about what you did and sound like you are dieing to get a job in the nuke field.   You will get some responces, although very few and far between.  You will eventually get invited to take the POSS and if you pass that, can get a unescorted access badge, then you are good to go.


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