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Word To The Wise!!


There's a DARN good reason why getting an SRO License is a game for the young!!


Oh, it's not THAT bad.

 You get the occasional heart attack or anxiety / stress type illness.

But think about it. When the plant is coming down around your ankles (and I've been there more than once), the stress level is definitely up. License Class has to identify that susceptibility, too.

Many times, I have put a simulator into freeze, had red faced, sweating, shaking trainees facing me - and then said,"Aren't you glad this thing has a freeze button? Calm down, breathe, and let's sort this thing out." I spend about a minute summarizing events and priorities while they catch their breath. Teaching them when it's time for a brief.

You're right - some learn to control their pulse, some don't. Some ROs and SROs work better with adrenaline, some do not.

LOL You took it wrong. I've had a license for 12 years, 8 of which was as an SRO. I'm a damn good SRO, but going to class at 44 years old isn't what I'd call fun!


yep look at the divorce rate in most control rooms. I was offered RO training at the age of 46, I told them they were nuts. Where were ya when I was 30?


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