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Diabetes and AEO's


Not sure if this is the proper place but....

I've been offered an AEO/NLO job at an NRC regulated plant.  Does anyone know if having diabetes will bar me from the job.


Edit: Also will it bar me from becoming an RO.

No it will not. I had a NLO at Fermi who was diabetic, the guy then went on to get an RO License. Should you get an RO License, the NRC may put restriction on your license requiring you to take medication, and/or requiring another individual in the Control Room when you are standing watch, but if you otherwise pass the physical it shouldn't be a reason not to hire you.


Thanks alot for the info.  I've been sweating it out this weekend as I have to go in for some blood work monday.  I've passed the mmpi, background check, poss test, and AEO math test to get in.  Thank you!

Edit: Just got cleared by medical and security. I start the 26th.  Thanks Everyone!


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