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 Is anyone here reading this is familiar with new Teletectors called "Telepole" and sold and distributed with Laurus systems?

I am thinking of purchasing several teletectors. Are  these worthwile instruments? What are your experiences if you have used them?


As much as I hate digital instruments, the telepole is not all together bad. Maybe I am just a little set in my ways, but I still prefer a teletector if one is available. However... as I get older I appreciate the fact that a telepole readout is significantly larger and being digital is easier to read. There are some limitiations, particularly when it is 'changing scales' and the Rem/millirem distinction is not how I would have done it. It is much lighter than a teletector and seems to be fairly sturdy, but I have not put it through the same kind of abuse that teletectors often take. There are locking mechanisms to keep the pole extended, which is both good and bad. The audible response is a plus.

Overall, a respectable substitute for the old standard.

I have not used the Telepole but I can second RDTroja on the distain for digital instruments in the field. The audible is a plus provided it is driven off of the detector pulses and not the digital output. The first time I encountered an audible driven by the digital output I had to wonder what the designer had in mind for that function. Hearing the audible increase with the meter indication was very frustrating when scaning in an area with multiple Hot Spots. This meter did not last long in the inventory thankfully.

As Roger has been around since they determined skin exposure by how red it turned i have to agree give me a teletector any day.

We use them here at Entergy South.  It seems to be a really good meter but we have had a few problems.  The afore mentioned locking collars tend to strip out after a year or so and create a pinch point when surveying the overhead.  The other problem is where the detector housing is screwed into the end of the pole.  the screws back out and could become a FME problem when they fall out or when the detector falls off.


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