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Anyone know why the power plant SCA in California produced unusually large amounts of CO2 emissions in 1997?  ???


--- Quote from: asher on Oct 11, 2005, 09:07 ---Anyone know why the power plant SCA in California produced unusually large amounts of CO2 emissions in 1997?  ???

--- End quote ---

Okay, to what power plant are you referring? SCA doesn't ring a bell.  #2, what is your information source for your assertion? And compared to what?

the only information i know is that the plant is called SCA. im doing a school project involving bi variate data and im comparing the plant annual heat input (MMBTU) compared to plant annual CO2 emissions (tonnes)

My guess is that this is not a nuclear plant and you may be looking in the wrong place. Nuclear plants produce no CO2 except as hot air coming from middle and upper management.

It is not a NUCLEAR power plant, it is a NATURAL GAS power plant, you are on the wrong web site.

SCA = Sacramento Cogeneration Authority

Sacramento SCA Peaker Project
Location: Sacramento, California
Client: Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
Operator: Sacramento Power Authority
Configuration: 127-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle cogen with LM6000 gas turbine
Operation: 1997
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Nooter
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Black & Veatch, Walsh
• Developed, Designed, Procured, and Built in 10 months

For the SCA Peaker Project, IEC served in several capacities throughout all phases of the project, including conceptual engineering, project management, field engineering, start-up and testing. Completed in April 2001, the project included one zero-timed LM6000PC unit with the Mark VI Control System, SCR and CO Catalyst, Aqueous Ammonia System, 2000-Ton Centrifugal Chiller and Deltak Exhaust Duct.

IEC worked very hard to get bid packages on the street to achieve a critical milestone imposed by the California Energy Commission. In addition, IEC proposed ideas for compressing the schedule by paralleling activities to significantly reduce the project duration to ensure the project was operational prior to the summer peak. The company was also responsible for the complete interconnect design with the SMUD switchyard/grid for the new switchyard and power plant.  IEC worked closely with SMUD staff to develop, design, procure and build this project in a period of 10 months. The Project was considered a success among SMUD staff and the Board of Directors.


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