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I'm sure this subject has to have been covered before, but I can't find the thread.  I was a 7 year navy nuke electrician LPO qualled EWS who now works for a consulting company that is heavily involved in the manufacturing industry.  Basically, I want back into the nuke community and have been applying for the past 6 months to online job postings posted by the plants, but am having no results.  All I'm looking for is technician/operator jobs, so I wouldn't think that this is too hard. 

How can I crack the code and get a foot in the door?

What study materials can I use to prepare for the pre-employment tests?  I've been out of it for a year and am sure I'm a little rusty.

Thanks for the help!

Check your resume over again.  You may want to have your experience in the terms of the job announcement.  Many of the job applicant resumes are screened by a HR manager who may not understand that your experience meets the requirements listed in the job announcement.  So having the key words in your resume, may get it through the HR dept. to the interviewer. Send your resume to someone to look it over for you.

Many of the utilities use the Edison Electric Institute exams, so be ready for those.  Can be found with a google search.  But here is a link to get you started.  (

Networking works also if you still have contacts from the Navy that have jobs in the industry.  Try sending them an email to find out if they can help you.

AT ANO we use the EEI POSS test and give a old NRC generic fundamentals exam.  The POSS is a go not go while the gen. fund. is more just to see what you know.

Hope this helps


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