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2 months until out of the Navy...looking for some advice.

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Thanks for all of the support guys.  I will definately check into those possibilities

Thanks for the heads up on the above information.  I have sent my resume to a few of those companies.  I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

Good Luck on your search and transition out of the Navy.  You will find out that its not that scary out here and you will be well recieved no matter where you go.  I personally transitioned between a few good jobs after I left the navy (10 Yrs) trying to decide where I felt in place.  And believe or not I'm right back in Nuclear Power after even having a cushion job at a brand new Combine Cycle Plant.  I could ramble on, but what I wanted to put out there for yourself and everyone else, is that SCE&G plans to hire a new onset of Operators starting Jan 2006 for VC Summer.  Great Company, Great Plant, Great People. I have found no better place to call home.

Dave Burton:
If you'd be interested in something other than nuke work, check out Commissioning Agents.  We're about 70% ex-nuke.  We perform commissioning, qualification, start-up, and engineering services for primarily pharmaceutical companies.  The pay is good and the benefits are outstanding.  Big plus, no shift work.  Depending on where you want to live, some travel.

There's alot out there.  I was an ELT/EWS for 12 yrs before getting medically discharged.  Keep your hopes up there's alot of opportunities and the nuke world is a really small one.

Dave, can you give some more details about where to look for Commissioning agents, other than Googling it? I for one am ready for a change of venue out of nuclear power or maybe just Entergy.. :)


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