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Rennhack: averages More than 6.5 million total page views with 400,000+ unique visits a month.  That is MUCH more than any other nuclear related web site on the internet (the American Nuclear Society 'ANS' web site's 'banner supported pages' only get 50,000 page views a month, 1/100th of our 'banner supported' traffic).  Can you afford NOT to advertise here?  To put it in perspective, a  billboard ad on a road or highway costs $20K to $100k a month.  ANS charges $910/month, and that's only if you advertise in their magazine ($4,000) first! 
            Co-Brand "Button" Advertising Agreement
            Duration      Normal Price/Month      Current Sale Price/Month6 Months$1,500$630
      One Year$1,500$580
      Two Years$1,500$470
      Three Years$1,500$420
      The Co-Brand "Button" is dedicated to one advertiser, where as the banner ads are rotated. There is only one Co-Brand "Button" ad displayed at the top of EVERY page, it never rotates, you have FULL exposure to the 6.5 Million + page views every month. Co-Brand "Button" ads link to your web site.  Large Co-Brand "Button" Ad, size 130 X 115 pixels, The Co-Brand "Button" must be in .jpg or .gif format of maximum size 12 kb. Animation is acceptable.


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