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NRC Rule change concerning working hours.

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I think the biggest impact for Operations and Security is the 48 hr/week group average per 13 week period.  I'm all for the new rule but the union plants will struggle how to equalize time in the bargaining units.  Interesting how this will play out.  The company I work for is hiring 27 Aux. Operators and 15 SRO's in 2006 to get ahead of this new rule and absorb expected retirements and normal attrition.

What I should have said is when the NRC finally implements THIS rule that's what they want.

I agree the rules won't cost anyone any money.

Hell I'm a manager anyway, if I had my choice I'd be limited to 40 a week, but that ain't happening soon!! :)

M1Ark are you at a plant that's on 8 hour shifts?


I went to the meeting with the NRC in Morris, Illinois on November 7, 2005.
I asked a lot of questions. If any of you think this is not going affect you you are sadly mistaken. Short of the guy pushing a broom and the managers you will see a huge reduction in your hours. It affects all work groups and contractors going into the plant. The part about safety related only is not true. I asked those questions.
Everyone will only work a maximum of six days a week every other week. During an outage you can do the first two weeks on six days and on the third week you can only work five days. An outage is considered the week before and the week after shut down.
I don't know about the rest of you but I don't want to travel away form home to work five days a week. I did a quick calculation and I stand to lose at least $15k on this years overtime if the rule was in effect.
We have until December 27, 2005 to get our comments on the rule in. This is not a done deal yet. The big thing to remember is that they want to change these rules because they don't think were safe and they believe we are being threatened into working overtime.
I have the notes from the NRC meeting on a pdf file if anyone wants them I can email them. Go to the NRC web site and search for "fatigue" and see what all the anti-nuc's are saying about us.
Comments can be posted anonymously on the web site, emailed to, faxed to 301-415-1101, or through US mail at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-001
Please take the time to do this. Don't assume others are writing. Don't assume this won't affect you. If they don't here from us they will think this is what we want.
Tell everyone you know in the industry that they also need to be heard from.

Already Gone:
Here's where we always get into the confusing part - The huge gaping hole between what the rule actually says and what the local NRC guy thinks the rule says.  That's why the old rule was so damned confusing, because every region of the NRC enforces it differently and every licensee uses different procedures to comply.
If anybody wants to make a wager, I'll put my money on the extreme probability that you will be able to work 84 hour weeks at some plants and 50 at others.  I'll make a side bet that every single plant will make exceptions to every one of these rules so that you can work whenever they need you to, but you can't get any OT if they think it will cost them too much $$$$.  Basically nothing will change until the outages go on for 10 or 12 weeks, at which point everyone will go back to working around the clock.

Biggest thing I see is that IF the rules/changes are enforced, there physically is not enuff people to go around to support the limited hours. If ops is having to work 750-1000hrs OT to support normal operations because of understaffing, then how can they work less & still operate the plant. Same for some RP staffs. I have seen a couple of plants that barely have e-plan staffing now. Those are hours I have been quoted from ops guys at a few outages I have worked in the last couple of years...... ???


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