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NRC Rule change concerning working hours.

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Jan 1, 2009.  Two outages in 2008 so the immediate impacts won't be bad, but things are going to get real tight for operators.   Ours are on a 6-shift 12-hr rotation; if you don't take any time off, you can only work 4 days OT in 6 weeks.  If you get called in for a meeting or something, that day is shot.  It's going to be real tough to get your 3 or 4 shift runs off because a guy can't work them before/after his (that would be 7 straight days). 

Should be interesting, anyway.  It will create a lot of pressure for staffing/pay increases.

we have a similar rule here, but when they need you bad enough the sm signs a waiver to allow you to work extra hours. God forbid if you happen to exceed your hours without the waiver though.

Just spoke with a friend working at Palo Verde.

They just got their INPO 1 rating back.  While the lawyers were there, they looked at the new rulings.
The utility told the contract RP techs in training that according to the lawyers, the new rules only apply to Emergency Plan personnel.  It should not affect contract personnel during an outage.

This means that there should be no changes for outages, i.e., reduction in hours.  It oly applies to those house people who are EP trained.

Just thought I'd pass this on. 

Like most of operations and sometimes in house will be very diffrent..

I got an email from a general RP supervisor at an outage I've done twice and plan to go back to.  He said due to the new fatigue rules we will be alternating between a 60hr week to a 72 hr week every other week. 


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