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I was wondering, could Nukeworker start their own 401K plan? For the cases that some companies may not offer one.  Or if not a full-blown 401K, maybe a family of funds that we could invest in?

Since Nukeworker isn't a company in which we are employed I doubt they can start a 401K.

Why not just go to Fidelity and invest?


indoprime,   whacha wanting to due?  get a nuke investment group together to invest only in nuke friendly companies?  leave out the greenppeacers, 'n tree huggers.  i gotcher slogan - 'we gots cash for u ash!'  well, i thought that sounded better'n 'you got pu ash?  we got your cash!'  but maybe knot.  anywaze, i kin dig it.  let me know what you find.

"we got you by the bulbs" could be a slogan for power company investors???

I like ur idea SloGlo.  Find some companies that are nuke friendly and invest in them.  I'm already doing the Fidelity thing, but i'd like to diversify more.


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