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--- Quote from: indoprime on Nov 09, 2005, 04:16 ---I was wondering, could Nukeworker start their own 401K plan? For the cases that some companies may not offer one.  Or if not a full-blown 401K, maybe a family of funds that we could invest in?

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Your idea of being concerned about retirement is good, but using an employers 401K offering should only be a part of it. I started with a IRA during my "Rent-a-Tech" years and am taking advance of my current employers 401K. However I have also invested in individual stock in companies that have DRIPs. A few tangible assets should also be included - invest in what you know and not what a broker with a conflict of interest tries to tell you. As for Social Security, I don't even factor it in as it probably will not be a significant contribution to my retirement income.
Soon I hope to be at the K.M.A.M.F. setpoint.  :P


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