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Byron vs Braidwood (IL...Exelon)


Hello all,

New to the site, first post.

Considering an SRO job with Exelon Corp. Most likely locations are Byron and Braidwood in N. IL.

Any feedback from the community regarding comparison between these locations (both work and surrounding community, schools, things to do, hunting, etc)?

Also, any info you may have about working for this company?


Braidwood and Byron are both great facilities to work at.  Both are small towns close to relatively large towns.  Byron has a Turkey Testicle Festival every year.  Last time I worked there, I missed the festival by a week.  I'm  sure it's a blast.  I mean, how many of those festivals can there be?  While I was at Byron, I stayed in Rockford.  I think it was a good 35 minute drive to work, but the town was great.  Braidwood is near Joliet which, from what I could tell, was another good sized town.  Lots to do.  There was a great little restaurant/bar down the road from the plant that had the best ribeye sandwich's.  Can't remember the name of it...maybe Kevin's.  The people are really nice at both of the plants.  Sorry I don't can't help anymore, but good luck with the job.


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