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I have about 2 Years left but am worried about my resume already.  I keep hearing how you have to have a great resume to get a job but I am pretty much resume illiterate and want to get an early start so I can have plenty of time to add or take away as my memory serves me correctly.  I was wondering if anyone knows any good programs or sites or even a template I can use as an EM1 EWS submarine qualified person.  Also what are some of the things plants look for in a Resume when hiring for operators/maintenance...And like there weren't enough questions, what is the difference between Maintenance and Operators job/salary and how hard is it to move up in both.

Thanks to all who respond!

Rad Sponge:
Short and Sweet Resume Advice:

1. Have 2 Resumes, 1 Single Page Teaser and a 3-4 page in-depth resume. Basically the rule is 1 page per 5 years experience. plus/minus

2. Convert Navy Speak into civilian speak

3. GO TO TAP!!!! ASAP and they have all the things you need to develop a resume.

Your single page teaser resume should have your name, objective, education, and most recent experience focusing on SUPERVISORY and LEADERSHIP stuff and should have at least two good references. A 10-12 pt single-spaced resume. Don't get too wordy. If the HR likes you or the headhunter, etc, they will request more info and then, BAM, you hit em with the 3-4 pager.

4. Don't piss off your Master Chief or DH for the next 2 years because you will need good recent references.

Your resume should also be written for each job that you are applying for.  If the job announcement lists job requirements that you have, be sure your resume lists those requirements.  (For example:  if the job requirements requires lockout experience and you have Navy Tagout experience, say lockout requirements on your resume.  The principle is the same, however lockout usually require a lock vice just a tag.)

Most resumes are first screened by HR departments that don't necessarily understand the position and requirements.  So they will screen on keywords from the job announcement to see if you are a match.  If your resume has enough keywords, then off to the hiring manager.

I emailed you about 15 or so resumes and other stuff.  Keep searching this site, many resume information is already posted...

Thanks for the Resume advice and stuff.  I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulder.  That truly was the only part I was worried about in getting a job.  Thanks again!!!

If you need someone to look over your resume, I would be willing to help.


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