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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

Guess I'll be spending a lot of time here (Argonne, Illinois) for the next few years, so:

1.  Anything fun (besides the cool walking trails) to do after work?

2.  Anything GREAT I shouldn't miss in Chicago?

3.  Anyplace worth driving to on the weekends?  (I'm from the West, so don't mind driving SEVERAL hours...)


I know they have the 'Guest House' on site (about $65/night)...and I found an Extended Stay right outside the West Gate for $59/night.

Now I need to know if there are any decent apartments within walking distance.  I will be in the 300 area, so West Gate is handiest, but anything within a mile radius would work.


Just had this info sent to me:

Things that are fun:


       Rush street-tons of bars, lots of night life.  Don’t stray too far off the beaten path, some the neighborhoods around there are pretty scary

       Museum of Science and Industry and the Field Museum are GREAT.  I haven’t been there in years but always enjoyed it as a kid

       Buckingham fountain-it may be done for the year but they used to have a really fun light/music/fountain show each night

       Ride the EL

       LOTS of Blues Bars, they even have a Blues fest but I can’t remember when it is

       Go to the top of the Sears tower, it is particularly fun when it is really windy and you can feel the building sway

       Navy Pier-permanent carnival type thing

       Concerts all the time

       There are lots of forest preserves and green spaces all over the place to hike 

Chicago Botanic Garden


Wilmette Baha'i Temple


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