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--- Quote from: PWHoppe on Sep 11, 2006, 11:08 ---Still have a bar as far as I know ::)

--- End quote ---

Bar still here, but only open one night a week currently - might be seasonal - not a lot of guests staying on-site right now...


--- Quote from: UncaBuffalo on Aug 17, 2006, 10:00 ---The following info was PM'd to me...thought I'd make it available to the whole group in case anyone else was headed that way...

"...It's about the outer rim of what is considered the suburbs of Chicago.  Anywhere northeast of town is real old-style city burbs, and as you get further out, it becomes towns seperated by farmland (avoid Joliet at all costs).  A bit south are Braidwood and Morris (Dresden)..."
--- End quote ---

This has changed over time...now everything for miles around has been turned into subdivisions & strip malls...generic 'American-Dream' territory.

Does anyone have a house or room that they would like to rent?  I'll be working there for 18 months.  Thanks.

Any particular areas one should stay away from when choosing an area to live there?

East side of Joliet.


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