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I found the hardest part about learing how the BWR works is trying to walkdown systems that are locked high rad at power, which is most of the steam side.  Reading about the systems or sitting in a classroom hearing about the systems doesn't teach me as much about it as walking it down.  My first experience in a BWR with it shutdown and walking down as many systems as possible helped me understand the plant as a whole so much better.

A lot of learning the plant does involve understanding the prints, procedures, and some design basis.  So being able to find the information, understanding how to read prints is very crucial.  For most people I worked with, electrical logic prints was the most difficult to follow and understand.

I do have Fermi student texts if you are interested.

Mike, your unit logs not as ledgedary as your CARDs.

LOL Shayne!! I must admit I did have some inspired Corrective Action documents some of which must have been pretty good seeing as QA copy and pasted them for their reports. Beats going out in the field eh? I heard through the grapevine they're not allowed to do that anymore.

BUT let's admit, they were very accurate submissions complete with references and footnotes!.


Rad Sponge:
Yes Shayne I am very interested in the texts.

PM me about it.

Here is my attitude going into it.

The 6 month pre-class OJT doesn't start until late spring. The interviews are in a couple of months, I think.

I will spend between now and then studying my brains out and working on "at-home" simulators. Turning my monitor into a big RPCP is fun. I am so glad i bought the 20 inch flat.

I figure that will give me some no-cost understanding of a BWR.

If they don't hire me, oh well, someone will.

If they say we'd like to have you as an NLO, fine.

Makes no differece to me.

All I get to to bewteen now and then is study BWR, take refresher math courses at the local colllege, and walk my dogs.

I found a Beagle in Missouri. I brought him home.

A man, nuclear power, and a good dawg. Heaven.

Rad Sponge:
Oh yeah, the best part:

When I am running my SIM I make my wife knock and ask permission to enter Control.



--- Quote from: JMK on Dec 15, 2005, 06:50 ---Oh yeah, the best part:

When I am running my SIM I make my wife knock and ask permission to enter Control.


--- End quote ---

I tried that with my wife. She said F You, I don't work for you. It added a nice touch of realism to the whole affair.



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